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Reserve Naturelle du Courant d’Huchet

Nature reserve of the Courant d’Huchet, its mouth, Lake Leon on the beach of Moliets, guided walks in the forest gallery with naturalist guides, boat trip with the boatmen, the front office of the reserve at lake Leon, Cottage Home in Bridge Pichelèbe, Exhibitions,

L'embouchure du Courant d'Huchet

The Courant d’Huchet connects Lake Leon in the ocean. Classified site in 1932, a nature reserve in 1981, It was discovered in 1908 by Gabriele D’Annunzio, passing through the Landes.

- Later, around 1920, Maurice Martin, Rosny Young, Loys Labèque do know throughout France.

-------- After the lake, where you’ll find beds of water chestnuts and yellow water lilies, you cross the floating bog of great botanical richness, there are plenty of Royal Fern, Carex panicle, Iris yellow many other species. It is the breeding ground for many species of herons and songbirds paludicola.

--- After the weir dam once used for fishing for eels, one enters into the stream Huchet, bordered by a lush gallery forest. In this forest "virgin, " the boatman’s hard to navigate through the tangled roots and the trunks of the alders and willows, there are hibiscus roses, marsh marigolds, lilies and the bald cypress, whose roots emerge from Earth to oxygenate the tree.

--- As we approach the ocean, the landscape opens; alders are scarce, leaving room for big and tall dense reeds. The Baccharis, invasive shrub native to North America, has replaced the red willow. After 8 km course, the current Huchet flows into the ocean at Moliets.

Information Nature Reserve: rn.courant.huchet @ wanadoo.fr

Book boat trip: http://www.batelier.com /

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L'Embouchure du Courant d'Huchet

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Réserve Naturelle du Courant d'Huchet

Dotée de paysages exceptionnels, d’une faune et d’une flore remarquables, la réserve naturelle du courant d’Huchet constitue le dernier ensemble (...)

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