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info: The Sun Protection Beach

You come to the beach to enjoy the sun but you also learn to be wary. Too much sun contributes to the occurrence of sunburn, burns true that increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Children and adolescents is imperative to protect themselves because their skin is fragile.Les skinned, blond or red hair are the ones who need protection most effectively. But everyone needs protection from the sun at any age! Limit your exposure to sun between noon and 16 hours. On the beach, seek shade, wear long clothing, a hat or cap and sunglasses to protect your eyes. Regularly apply a sunscreen with high index for your skin type. The cream will never fully protect from sunlight and do not make you extend your sunbathing. Beware of cloudy days because ultraviolet (UV) damage your skin, through the cloud cover: see the daily UV index given by the weather. To protect the upper body, a top sunscreen (or Lycra) is to advise everyone: children, adults, sunbathers, surfers, etc.. A true lycra UV offers much better protection than a sun t-shirt.

Plage des Chênes-Lièges

Plage surveillée tous les jours juillet et août Mise à disposition d'un tiralo pour les personnes handicapées. Naturisme toléré en dehors de la zone (...)

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Plage Principale

Plage surveillée tous les jours de mai à septembre. Mise à disposition de deux tiralo pour les personnes handicapées. Naturisme toléré en dehors de (...)

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